4.5% Commission

Save 25% over the cost of a full commission firm.

Qualified sellers can list and sell their homes for only 4.5% commission (3% selling side / 1.5% listing side) with Realty Direct. Properties are listed on the South Florida Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and multiple websites, including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com – the largest real estate related site on the web.

Clients are guaranteed direct access to a licensed real estate broker, rather than just a sales associate, at all times.

Our policy is to cooperate with and compensate all other real estate brokers. Consequently, other brokers retain every incentive to show your home and help find a buyer. Cooperating brokers can expect to receive a full 3% selling commission at closing.

Unlike many other firms, there are no upfront fees to pay or additional processing fees due at closing.

For full details, please contact us or refer to our Listing Agreement.

Save 25% over the cost of a full commission firm. For example:

Traditional 6% Listing
Sales Price: $400,000
Commission Payable: $24,000

Realty Direct 4.5% Listing
Sales Price: $400,000
Commission Payable: $18,000

You save up to $6,000 in unnecessary real estate commission, but still receive full-service and maximum exposure for your home.

How can we do that?

Although REALTY DIRECT is a company with substantial resources, it is locally based and remains independent. Not having to pay the huge monthly franchise fees and national advertising costs that so many other organizations have to, REALTY DIRECT is able to discount it’s commission, thereby providing clients with the same exposure as well as tremendous savings at closing.

Additionally, Realty Direct only employs experienced and proven sales associates, thereby eliminating the expense of training and supervising new licensees.